"We at waldorflabs are thrilled to have been collaborating with FairPlay TK, bringing the American Tennis Clinic alive!"

Fred Johnsen

Founder waldorflabs 

What kind of tennis player are you? 

It makes perfect sense to decide what player you are and what player you want to be. Why?

Because as soon as you start understanding who you are, you can work on what you need to do to perfect it, or at least improve it.

Furthermore, once you recognize your opponent’s style, you can start to prepare for what’s coming.

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New Course Available: Certified Tennis Analyst (CTA)

Tailored for tennis coaches, parents and academy professionals

Not all the magic happens in the gym or on the court: here is something that you can do from your own home!

During this comprehensive online course, you will be getting insight regarding the actual filming, editing, and analysis of the tennis matches using various software as well as introduced to the “softer side” of being a Tennis Analyst. The course consists of 6 parts plus a final certification exam.

Upon completion of the course and a successful exam, you will receive a certificate and you will be entitled to name yourself Certified Tennis Analysts (CTA).

Introprice per attendee until March 30, 2024: USD 399,00

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