At WaldorfLabs, it’s all about doing it better...

That’s how we started our quest for developing tomorrow’s tennis-champions.

Along the way, we discovered that major IT-companies like SAP, Infosys, Sony and IBM could provide what we were looking for, namely hard facts about how you most effectively win tennis matches:

  • Where should you place your return of the opponents second serve?
  • Is the speed of the first serve correlated with winning matches?
  • What is the most effective "pattern of play" when you are serving?
  • When players are double-faulting, what are the most common errors that they make?
  • Is it more efficient to develop “grinding-skills” compared to “serve & volley-skills” when you are under 16?

This insight from 100 Grand Slam tournaments and more than 2000 ATP & WTA tournaments is key to us when we develop our programs, our models for patterns of play, our specific exercises; it’s time to say goodbye to mindless training without a clear purpose and goal.